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Small thing you do…

Vietnam is now open to the World, we are so glad to welcome you all to our beautiful country.

Enjoying your time in Vietnam will be easy, and while traveling with us, you can also be doing something active towards ensuring a long-term future for both tourism and the environment. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a richer traveling experience and the respect of the people of this fascinating country

As a traveler, you also have a role to play in continuing Annam Travel’s efforts on your trip, which is why we have written some Guide Lines for Responsible Travel for you to read.

These guidelines are not intended to be overbearing but simply clear and informative. They outline the standards of behavior that we expect from everyone who participates in our trips. The guidelines exist because we are privileged to be guests in local homes and communities, plus we want to promote sustainable tourism for both the benefit of the locals and so that travelers in the future can also visit and enjoy the same experience.

When you read the guidelines, you may find yourself considering issues that might never even have crossed your mind before. The area of Responsible Tourism is not black and white, it raises some ethical questions to which there are no clear answers. But with a little preparation in advance of your trip and by reading these guidelines, you can rest assured that the only impression you will leave behind after your travels is a positive one.