What we do?

It has always been at the heart of Annam Travel ethos to not exploit local communities’ culture and environment. We ensure our tours are of:

-    low impact on natural resources

-    respectful and observant of local customs and

-    supportive of local economies

The vast majority of Annam Travel  staff and all our guides are locally employed, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We also involve local communities in remote areas that we travel to.

Annam Travel are involved in a number of responsible travel initiatives and are always looking to develop more. From January 2009 Annam Travel will operate trekking in the remote region of Sapa, Bac Ha(Lao Cai province) in Northern Vietnam, as part of a sustainable tourism project through a joint venture with a local Non Government Organisation – the first of its kind in this area.

At Annam Travel, we are committed to continually building upon this as a basis to focus more and more on responsible travel alternatives for customers.

One of our greatest achievements was to become the first travel company in Vietnam to offer volunteer and educational travel. We research and organise short and long term group projects and experiences across Vietnam.

Annam Travel use locally owned services and local products where possible.

Annam Travel also arrange charity challenges, such as scaling Indochina’s highest mountain, Fansipan Mountain (Sapa-Laocai).

Annam Travel also works to protect the children. This will help to ultimately result in a safer environment for children through the training and awareness raised by our own staff, especially the tour guides and the travellers.

Annam Travel trains our staff to make our activities more possitive,and encourage our customers to support us during their holiday.