Reasons why you should choose Annam Travel

Plan your own tours and make changes on trip
Create your own unique trip with the help of the local experts. Whether you seek action and adventure, cultural tours, classic highlights, off the beaten track or simply flopping on divine beaches, we can meet your needs. The wealth of options featured on our website is just a taster of what we can do and can be easily customized to suit you.

Private Tours
Personalized tours often cost little more than scheduled departure tours, yet they offer unbeatable privacy and flexibility. Let your individual wishes drive your holiday, rather than those of a group. The majority of our tours are indeed private, so we are excellently placed to serve you, whether you are an individual or a private group.

Our Unique Experience

We take you off the beaten track and see real Vietnam. Experience different combinations of adventure, fun and relaxation, in diverse cultural and natural settings

Our Creativity
Over the years, Annam Travel has pioneered new destinations and experiences and continue to do so today. We consistently push the boundaries by creating unique and authentic travel options and innovative itineraries. To illustrate, Annam Travel introduced sea kayaking tours to Halong Bay and discovered Mai Chau, Sapa, Bac Ha, an excellent area for trekking and homestays.

Our People
The whole Annam Travel teams are Vietnamese people, who made a decision to change the way we do things. From the travel consultants, to our guides, to the responsibilities of our IT guy. From the emails we send to our new friends, to our tour packages, to the way we treat our partners - whether they be the owner of one of the homestays, a general manager of a hotel, or a local tour guide. All of these to one goal of a true value for everyone involved.

Quality assured
Being one of the pioneers in the region, we have long-established relationships with our suppliers, ensuring not only competitive prices but quality service. To ensure your comfort, we always use private transport to travel by road. We have our own modern fleet of air-conditioned vehicles, ranging from a standard car to a 45-seater coach, depending on the size of the group. Other modes of transport include trains, boats and planes.

We book accommodation appropriate to the type of tour selected and the client’s preferences. This can vary greatly from standard 3 star hotels to select boutique hotels bursting with character to luxury beach resorts. Whatever the selected standard of accommodation, we use the best at that level and conduct periodic inspections to ensure quality.

Responsible Travel
Annam Travel promote and practice sustainable tourism principles. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our clients benefit from our tours. We are constantly seeking new ways to bring clients closer to local cultures and encourage two-way cultural exchange.

Fun and Excitement

Last and by no means the least of the reasons why you should choose Annam Travel! Our company is staffed by young and vibrant people which makes for as fun and exciting an experience as you want it to be.